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Maximiliano Blanco

Country : Argentina - Based in Colombia

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My name is Maximiliano Blanco.
I was born in 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
When I was twenty years old I met the world of photography thanks to a job in a photo lab. I started working attending the public, and little by little I became more interested in photography, to then learn to be a laboratory printer.
My first camera was at 35mm Minolta XG9. With that camera and my job as a printer in the laboratory I had the opportunity to develop and copy my own photos.
It was a great life lesson to be involved in developing photos at this time. Digital technology was beginning, and since prices were high, I was still advancing in photography thanks to my work in the laboratory.
My first jobs as a photographer were at weddings and baptisms. Although I was always taking pictures with my camera to everything that interested me.

In those moments the best learning experience was photographing homeless people. It was one of my first stories and remains current.
My biggest influences are Robert Capa & James Natchwey. I pay attention to their stories in photography.
At that time I wanted to be a war photographer. I think I had this crazy idea because I was very young. I do not think I would have the balls to be in a war.

Time passed, and I started to photograph Cycling thanks to the Japanese company Shimano.
Thanks to that client, I was able to work in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, to finally land in Colombia. My photographic equipment was advancing to have two cameras with which I work, Canon 6D and Canon 7Dmk2, together with a small group of lenses of the same brand.
In 2017, I decided to change the base, and moved from Buenos Aires to Bogota, in Colombia. I started working in extreme sports for Red Bull.
And I found the way to be a photographer, without having to be in a war, because being an extreme sport photographer, is that, extreme, like war.


Shimano Latin America 2011-2017 - Cycling / MTB / BMX / Downhill

Shimano Brasil 2012-2015 Cycling / MTB / Shimano Fest Brasil

Shimano Chile 2013 - Odesur Games 2013 - Chile

Shimano Paraguay 2013-2014 - Photography & Brand Manager

Orica GreenEdge (Australia) Tour de San Luis 2012-2013

Cannondale Brasil Catalog 2014 - Brasil

Graham Watson Photos - Tour de San Luis 2015-2016

Mix Bicicletas Brasil Catalog 2014 - Brasil

United HealthCare Pro Cycling USA Tour de San Luis 2013-2016 

GW Bycicles Catalog 2015-2017 - Colombia

Manzana Postobon Campaing 2016-2017

Carnaval de Barranquilla, Colombia 2016-2017

La Colombiana Campaing 2016

Oakley Colombia 2016-2017

Fundación Mariana Pajon 2017

Le Vif / Sport Fot / Imagine 2017 - Belgica

Red Bull Colombia BMX / Parkour / Diving / Music 2017



Social Report Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006-2010

"It looks White in Soma" 2006 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

"Argentina Duerme" 2007 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Photo of the Year "Hail" 2007 Clarin - Argentina

Report "Cromagnon "Two Year" 2007 La Nación - Argentina

"Maximiliano Blanco" 2009 Art Bsas - Argentina

"Maximiliano Blanco" Artists in Gallery 2010 Arte Fascetto - Argentina

"Ciclismografia" 2013 - Buenos Aires - Argentina

"Rutas de Colombia" 2017 National Congress of Colombia, photo exhibition to benefit "Young Cyclists around the World".

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BMX - Mariana Pajon

Since 2012 he is a photographer of the Colombian Olympic double gold medalist Mariana Pajon, accompanying her in all competitions in Latin America.
In addition, since January 2017 he has been collaborating with the Mariana Pajon Foundation.

Diving - Orlando Duque

In October 2017, hired by Red Bull, he was working together with a legend of the World Diving, Orlando Duque, on his 27 meter dive in the paradise islands of San Andres.

Bike Trial - Javier Zapata

Since 2015 photographing the Colombian double Guiness Record Javier Zapata and his sponsor brand GW Bicycles. Among his works with the biketrialist are the photographs taken at La Piedra del Peñol, and in Tumaco, one of the most conflictive areas in Colombia.

Parkour - Pavel Petkuns

In 2017 he was hired by Red Bull to photograph the Latvian Pavel Petkuns, number 1 of Parkour Mundial, the photographs were taken for the video "Lost and Found" in the city of Medellín, and later other shots taken in Bogota, Colombia. Red Bull Content Pool chose 2 of those photos for the best editorial photos in the week of August.

Cycling - Shimano Latin America

Since 2012 he is a photographer of the famous Japanese cycling company Shimano in Latin America. In addition, he has worked for the USA Cycling Team, and other North American teams, such as United HeatlhCare Pro Cycling and Cannondale Garmin, and the Australian team, OricaGreenEdge. He has published photographs in Belgian magazines such as Le Vif, Imagine and Sport Fot Magazine, and in England as Cycling Magazine. He was also hired by the Tour de France icon photographer, Graham Watson, to take photographs in the San Luis Tour of Argentina. Since 2013, he has been considered one of the biggest influences of cycling photography in Latin America.